My name is Eduardo Herrera

I'm 27 years old

I'm an illustrator.

I was born and raised in the San Fernando valley, CA. where I currently reside.

About my process:

Rather than just pushing a pencil around on paper (or stylus on a tablet), I like to think holistically about every project I tackle. I do my research.         I ask and answer all of the questions I have about that particular subject. I pay close attention to detail, but also know when to keep it simple. It's this holistic approach to being creative that allows me to be versatile, quick, and precise. It is my approach has taught me to work well under pressure and be self motivated about my work.   I've been pushed by necessity to become a quick learner, often times  from my own teachings. Every step of my creative process adds value to the final, and I believe it shines through.

Below is an interview by my pals at Brother Science TV about my personal work.